What is a pop-up wedding?

A pop up wedding is where you and your partner choose to get married at a temporary venue that is set up and may host a number of couples in short, intimate, registry styled ceremonies. You basically use the facility to get married, in front of a celebrant and your witnesses in much the same way you would a registry wedding.  The major difference between a pop-up venue and a registry office is that the pop-up venue is typically decorated, providing a fantastic backdrop to your nuptials. Depending on the pop-up venue selected, the package could also include photography, a cake, as well as a little food and drink.

Why would a pop-up wedding appeal?

Pop-up weddings are about making things easy for couples while significantly reducing the costs associated. Pop-up weddings are stress free to organise (everything is provided at the venue) and cost significantly less than a traditional wedding format.  Prices are usually anything from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the location and facilities offered by the pop-up venue provider. Pop-up weddings appeal to those who have a limited budget, or perhaps want to prioritise their funds for other things like travel or their home.

You can still have the equivalent of a reception, just not at the pop-up wedding location.  Couples and their witnesses, as well as other invited guests will often head off to a restaurant for a celebratory meal.  The choice about “where” and “how big” are completely up to you here.

Often large scale, traditional wedding ceremonies lose sight of the purpose and meaning of the day.  This is especially so when they come at the end of weeks or (months) of possibly stressful planning and organisation.  The small scale of a pop-up wedding means that you and your partner are the single, most important part of the ceremony. If you go for a pop-up wedding, you just have to find a service provider you can trust, and then (essentially) your work is done.  Most pop-up wedding providers will offer the venue, photography, bouquet and celebrant services, making organisation pretty much stress free.

Are pop-up weddings legal?

Just like any other type of wedding ceremony, you need to apply for your licence to marry, be married by a registered celebrant, and have a minimum of two witnesses in attendance.  Pop-up weddings are legal, complete weddings, but on an intimate, tiny scale.